Saturday, July 02, 2005

You talking to me?

Today is your lucky day, because I feel great. So here we go...

Since prevaricating can be minacious to some, they may feel gybed so when you prevaricate, be sure you are not diaphanous. Your reaction after being yourself prevaricated may be "Balderdash!" However puerile you may wish it were, you can't just hope to inspissate away such offense you may consider odoriferous. It will be pure fossicking on your part. You may gainsay all you want, this phantasmagoria cannot easily be dismissed. An effective antidote is to lilt, even to expiate and reduce it to a synecdoche. Be warned, it may metamorphose itself into an effluvium! By preponing, you may gain needed perspicacity and may even consider eleemosynary intervention. If you practice hard to become prescient, you may be able to mollycoddle yourself but avoid the danger of becoming rubefacient.

Your thirty day trial period has expired, please register...

OK, your luck has run out, and I really need to go get a new pair of sneakers because the rain has not abated. Where is all this water coming from?

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