Thursday, August 03, 2006

Joe photo remembered!

I was making my way into my office early today to discover a nasty surprise that lurked overnight. It was like stepping into an oven. What happened? No air is what happened! This must be a sympathy gesture from "hot and humid right smack in the middle of the hurricane season with tropical storm Chris gathering strength out in the Caribbean moving West/NorthWest threatening to become a baby cane" Miami sharing the grief with the rest of the US in the steaming heat wave that overtakes the country at this moment. With the war raging in the Middle East, many people say this is Armageddon, and it sure feels like it right now in my office.

What a great way to start a day, an ordinary day. OK. You can handle this. Pray for the A/C to come back on fast.... Done! Turn on your laptop, go check your email, make yourself a hot cocoa. Hot cocoa??? No way! Get a cold diet soda instead! OK! Settle down. Calm down, this is NOT Armageddon, OK?

What's this? An e-card from somebody? Must be from my secret female admiror from the past. Let's see... "Click here to pick up your birthday eCard!" Oy my God! It's my BD! I forgot about it all together. Last night, I received ONE eCard from a cyber anonymous. It was so moving and touching I was at a loss for words. I must be a very popular guy to have received so much lavish attention on my banal BD! Just one eCard! Not that it wasn't a great one, actually, I love it! Of course, I had received another symbolic and reliable year in and year out gift in the mail, but that was expected. In all honesty, I forgot all about it this morning, the fateful morning of it all, my BD. And this unexpected eCard is right here, personally hand delivered to my in box.

I am not too concerned this eCard is a cheap trick from some virus wielding, Trojan horse trading, back door sneaking hacker in the cyber space trying to trick me to click on their link, because this seems to come from an old friendly company who
remembers me and is trying to lure me back for business. But that's OK. I like that.

OK. Do not click on it yet! Check it out first... what's this thing's URL? Hmmm... looks OK to me. Let's see what they have to say...

It's from Joe photo! So, dear old Joe photo still got me in his database and their business is smart enough to pull it out just in time. Good PR stunt. If you wondered what I got, here it is...

Today's your BD! Happy BD to you!

It comes with a full orchestration of "Today is your BD, happy BD to you ..." etc song in full live blasting sound. My office next door must think we are the partying type! Naturally, I grab the HiFi sound that accompanied my gift. After all, it's mine now and I converted it to MP3. Thank you Joe photo! If I can figure out how to place that MP3 here, I will so you can hear it too.

And here it is:

Happy BD To Me!

Unexpectedly, a telephone call came to say that I am getting one more year's worth of wrinkle uniformly distributed over my body and soul! Hmmm... Where did that come from? I am happy to hear it!

That made my day. Now, if the A/C would hurry up and send in some cool air, I can start working. May be I should go to buy something from Joe photo??? Nah! Next year!

Looking back at the date of my last blog, it has been so long ago. where did the time go?

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