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Orpheus & Eurydice

This has been revised on Aug 26, 2011 to add the lyrics of the song sung by Orpheus, which is Manhã de carnaval. Music by Luis Bonfá and Brazilian Portuguese lyrics by Antônio Maria:

First, if you are interested in the original sound track, click on the MP3 player below. The lyrics you hear is different than the verse used by Orpheus that you will hear later in the video clip:

This is the original sound track of Manha de Carnaval, and its lyrics is below:

Manha, tao bonita manha..... Morning, such a nice morning!
De um dia feliz che chegou!..... Of a happy day that has begun!
O sol no ceu surgiu..... The sun has risen into the sky
E em cada cor brilhou..... And shone in every heart.
Voltou o sonho entao..... Then dreams have returned
Ao coraçao..... To the heart.

Depois deste dia feliz,.... After this happy day.
Nao sei se outro dia virá,..... I don’t know if another day will come,
E nossa amanha,..... And our tomorrow,
Tao bela afinal amanha..... After all such a beautiful tomorrow
De carnaval..... Of carnival.

Canta o meu coraçao..... My heart sings.
Alegria voltou. Tao feliz..... Joy has returned. So happy
A manha deste amor..... The morning of this love!

In the video clip, the lyrics is different:

Manhã tão bonita manhã!..... Morning, such a nice morning!
Na vida uma nova canção,..... In life there’s a new song,
Cantando só teus olhos,..... Singing only of your eyes,
teu riso, e tuas mãos,..... your smile and your hands,
Pois há de haver um dia,..... For there has to be a day
em que virás..... When you come.

Das cordas, do meu violão..... From the strings of my guitar,
que só teu amor procurou..... Which seek only your love,
Vem uma voz,..... Comes a voice to speak,
falar dos beijos,..... Of the kisses lost,
perdidos nos lábios teus..... In your lips.

Canta o meu coração,..... My heart sings,
alegria voltou, tão feliz,..... Joy has returned. So happy,
na manhã deste amor..... The morning of this love!
Black Orpheus

A new blog of this movie that has the second famous song Felicidade is dated August 26, 2011, here.

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